07 March 2011

Pink Dragonfly

Hello Everyone!

This is a card I made over the summer. I broke down a sample card from 10-20-30 Minute Cardmaking into a sketch, and this is what I came up with! The dragonfly is from Doodlecharms. I imagine this will make it into a Christmas gift set, as well.

Have a great week!


26 February 2011


Hello Everyone,

I have been very productive today! I made four (!) cards from the Mojo Monday sketch #179. I will post the others soon. The "Friends" and floral background cuts are from Gyspy Wanderings. The nail polish is from Forever Young. This card will likely become part of someone's Christmas gift.

Thaks for looking!


20 February 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is

Good morning, Everyone!

I made this card by breaking down a sketch from one of Papercraft Magazine's Quick Cardmaking books. Weirdly, there are no Cricut cuts on this one... Originally, I made this as part of a set my mother-in-law wanted to purchase, but time ran out and I didn't have time to finish the set. I imagine it will eventually make its way into someone's Christmas present card set.

Happy Sunday!


12 February 2011

First Post!!!

Welcome, Everyone!

I'm so excited to submit my first blog post ever! I've been lurking on the Cricut message boards for years, checking out people's blogs and thinking, "Gee, I should make one of those..." I've been sitting on this blog for a couple of weeks continuing to think, "Gee, it's about time I actually post something..." Well, the day has finally arrived! I'm a card maker at heart, so I created this blog to share my creations and follow all the other fantastic crafters out there.

To begin, I want to make you a promise: this is the longest blog post I will EVER write. I promise not to get all mushy or sentimental; no pictures of anything but cards, cross my heart! At most, my posts will look something like this most of the time:

To create this card, I broke down a card from 10-20-30 Minute Card Making into a sketch. I cut the squares and circle from Plantain Schoolbook and the flower from Doodlecharms. I plan to give this card as part of a card set for a Christmas gift.

And that's probably all I'm going to say. Of course, if anyone has any questions, I would be pleased to answer them. I just don't want to bore anyone with details they didn't really want anyway.

So now that I have given you my word, I solemnly swear to never write such a long post ever again!

Happy Crafting,